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New Belgium Brewing, Blackburn Designs, Niner Bikes and Peter Discoe, are hosting a screening of the movie Roll With It on Sept 29th. The film, Roll With It, explores how anyone can use their bike as a portal to a world of adventure.

In addition to the screening, Peter Discoe, organizer of the recent Steamboat Ralleye, will be sharing photos from the ride and discussing the nuances of bikepacking. Bikepacking bikes and equipment will also be on display.  The Steamboat Ralleye took 50 cyclists on a three day, three night gravel bikepacking trip from Fort Collins to Steamboat CO. The ride covered 200 miles, 18000 feet of elevation. Riders camped near Redfeather Lakes, in Walden CO and in Steamboat before taking a bus back to Fort Collins. 

Location: New Belgium Brewery (seating is limited!)

Address: 500 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Time: Doors open at 6 pm. Presentation at 7 pm.

Going on an overnight camping trip with just what you can carry on a bike seems scary to most people. This quirky, yet artful film debunks those fears, by pulling together strangers with different backgrounds to show how truly joyful and enriching travel by bike can be.

Roll With It Trailer