After 5 years in business, Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies will close its doors in September 2019. Zack and Whinety Allison will instead focus on camps, clinics and bike fits at a yet to be released location.  

Read Zack’s full announcement below. 


Hello Training Center Athletes! 

When we started Source Endurance Training Center back in 2014 we were just a few trainers in a basement at Peloton Cycles on College. Wahoo Kickrs had just come out, Whitney had a full-time office job and was racing her second year with Colavita Pro Cycling Team. She would ride the rollers or trainer in our basement before and after work and I thought to myself “there’s got to be a better way to get cycling fit in winter with a full-time job.” And so the first Source Endurance Training Center was born. 

As we grew and moved to the space we are currently in now with equipment, showers and a bike fit studio, we felt we had enough amenities provided to move to a membership format. Over the past 3 years here we have met some great people, we got some people into cycling, and we moved the needle in cycling in Fort Collins.

As we progressed in services and really got everything dialed we watched the market shift. Smart trainers are abundant, as is the software available to train with on a smart trainer. To claim that Zwift, TrainerRoad, and E-racing, took clients or memberships from the training center is the wrong way to think about it. The advent of these amazing training software is innovative and represents a massive expansion in training tools that shifts the whole market. This progression and expansion of tools should be embraced, and as we progress and change with the times, I have decided to close Source Endurance Training Center’s riding studio at the end of our lease. This is not a sad or emotional closing but the end of a grand experiment that I hope moved some athletes a bit closer to their goals, and like any business, has to evolve with changing tides. 

As we pivot and prop up what we saw as the more successful bits at SETCR Whitney and I will arguably have more time and motivation to keep pushing cycling in the region. We will be doing more and grander camps and clinics, and continue the bike fit and testing studio at a new location to be announced.

 I want to thank the people along the way that gave us opportunities to grow the training center, Mike Woodard who helped pitch to Robin at Peloton Cycles, Robin for letting it all start in his shop. Dane Emde, Greg Scanlan, Sean Grey, Nancy Mcelwain and the rest of the original members who watched my grey hairs pop out as the Kickrs lost signal. Thanks to everyone that moved with us to the new space especially Nate Taggatz, and all the instructors and other contributors. 

We also have upcoming last events at SETCR and I hope you will join us for a final hurrah:

  • 6 Weeks to fitness – The Final Frontier– June 11- July 18th. Free for members, use your punch pass, Or buy now.
  • CX Camp– Special CX instructors to be announced. Save the dates: August 17th-18th.
  • Sorry for Partying Party– A Celebration & Fire Sale party – Come grab a beer and check out some super amazing deals on everything we have as far as stock from tubes and tires to Wahoo Kickrs at SETCR.September 18th.
  • We’re still offering bike fits! Schedule by emailing Zack at 


Zack and Whitney

P.S. You can use your punch passes for the remaining classes on the schedule between now and July 18th.

For members, you are able to terminate your account at any time from your account on a desktop. Go to your contracts and click “Terminate”. The final 6 Weeks to Fitness will be the final classes we are able to offer. If you need extra help, email Whitney at We will still honor the standard member discount if you’d like to attend the CX camp.