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Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies is hosting a three day cyclocross training camp August 25 – August 27.  Local cyclocross experts, Georgia Gould and Steve Stefko will lead 3 days of skills clinics, intervals, drills and equipment overviews. Zack Allison will be on hand to answer training and coaching specific questions.  In addition to the Cross Camp, SETCR is hosting a 6 Weeks to Fitness Cyclocross Edition.  The classes will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays September 6th-October 12th.  If you’re planning to race CX Nationals in Reno or you just want to improve as a racer, either or both of these events would be great starts. Details below. 


SETCR Cross Camp Details and Schedule (full itinerary below)
Friday evening: Meet & Greet, race video review, late registration, food & drink. Equipment tips & overview.

Saturday Morning: CX specific interval session
Saturday Evening: Fundamentals skills sessions- bike shouldering, run-ups, sand pit riding, pit bike exchange, off camber riding

Sunday Morning: Advanced skills- advanced barrier skills, barrier hopping, off-camber cornering.
Sunday Evening: Mock Race- location TBA

Event page: https://goo.gl/jskCje


6 Weeks to Fitness: Cyclocross Edition 

The 6 Weeks to Fitnees CX Edition will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays 9/6-10/12. You have a choice of either 630am classes or 530pm classes. 

One day each week will be specific to cyclocross intervals, progressing in intensity each week. The second day will be agility and weight training focusing on the accelerations demanded in cyclocross.

With these combined workouts, you’ll get faster and faster week after week! Their first group of participants in the 6 Weeks to Fitness program saw an 11% FTP gain. Expect to see not only a great FTP gain but, more importantly for cyclocross, an increase anaerobic capacity.
Event Page: https://goo.gl/jK7iKs



SETCR Cross Camp: $250.00

6 Weeks to Fitness CX Edition: $270.00

Bundle the Cyclocross Camp with the 6 Weeks to Fitness: $499.00

Register here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/Pages/OnlineStore.aspx?studioid=187404&partnerID=0&catid=


Camp Itinerary:

Friday 6-8pm – Source Endurance Training Center
1833 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins, Colorado 80528 (all the way around back)

Late Registration
Meet the instructors
Schwag bags
Film Study with Coaches and Instructors
Go over camp details and stations


Saturday starting at 9:30am
1833 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins, Colorado 80528 (all the way around back)

Super late registration
Coffee available for purchase from 8:30-9:15
Morning Session 9:30-11:45
8:30 Arrive, check in.
9:15am Introduction to CX Camp 2017
9:30-11:00 Interval session 1
● Intervals will consist of practicing starts, and specific cyclocross intervals
● Tour of Stations and amenities outside.
11:15-11:45 Mounting and dismounting.

Lunch 11:45-12:30 Sandwiches and sides provided at Training Center

Afternoon Session 12:40 – 5:00pm
12:40-1:15 Cornering basics.
1:25-2:00 Tire Pressure.
2:10-2:45 Everyone back together for more mounting/ dismounting practice
2:55-3:25 Add barriers. Add shouldering. Add run ups.
3:35-4:00 On grass games. Shoulder bumping, circle of death.
4:00-5:00 Happy Hour, sponsored by SE.



Sunday starting at 9:30
1833 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins, Colorado 80528 (all the way around back)

Single day registration available
Morning Session 9:30-11:30
Coffee available for purchase from 8:30-9:15
9:15 Introduction to Day 2
9:30- 9:55 Advanced cornering.
10:05- 10:20 Sand (fundamentals of technique, curves, turns, dismount/ remounts)
10:30-10:50 Off Camber riding/ turns and advanced dismounts
11:00-11:30 Course Management (passing, defending the pass)

Lunch 11:40-12:30 Sandwiches and sides provided at Training Center

Afternoon session 12:30-5pm
12:30-12:40 Intro to the afternoon session
12:45-1:30 Transfer to New Belgium
1:30- 1:50 Pre ride course 2-3 laps
1:50-2:00 Discuss course, strategic points, tricky points
2:00 Course preview with instructors
2:00-2:15 Course re-pre-ride.
2:30- 2:40 Discuss pre race protocol
3:00-3:40 Mock Race
3:40-4:00 Transfer back to training center
4:00-5:00 Happy Hour