TCP Orbea Jersey 2018


The Phoenix Cyclery/Orbea junior development cycling team has called Fort Collins home since 2014. All of the riders are based in Fort Collins and the team takes pride in wearing the logos of local Fort Collins companies on their backs. As a team, we are committed to developing not only cyclists, but productive citizens as well. The team strives to teach each rider the value of communication, responsibility and community.


This season we look to build on the experience riders like Sinclair Hall gained last year at his first national level events. The team’s goals this season are to win the Cat 3 Colorado Cup and develop multiple riders on the national level stage, while helping to give the 15-16 riders more experience.  


The team is home to 10 riders this year. This consists of six returning riders; Aston Woy, Zack Woy and Brannan Fix (all racing as U23’s) as well as Riley Williams, Tommy Papenthien and Sinclair Hall (all 17-18’s). New to the team this year are four 15-16 riders; Bryce Pfuetze, Lucas Lenoch, Maas van de Graaf and Drew Milewski.


Phoenix Cyclery

Orbea Bicycles

Coopersmith’s Pub & Brewing

Flow Fire Protection

Otter Box

Dohn Construction

Mawson Lumber & Hardware

Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists