Standard issue Tom Carter.

A good personal friend of mine, and friend of the cycling community has entered the fight of life this week.  On Monday night Tom Carter, the Bee Farm race director and YGR Wounded Rider Program director, was admitted into the Medical Center of the Rockies ICU with a ruptured esophagus and fluid in his lung. During the week he had surgery to remove part of a lung, was sedated and put on a ventilator.  I haven’t heard how Tom sustained these injuries.  As of Friday morning he is not able to have visitors. 

The following message was posted to Facebook by Tom’s sister in law. 

“Tom Carter was hospitalized Monday night and is in the ICU. He is critically ill after rupturing his esophagus. His brother Charlie Carter and I know he has helped a good many in the community – and we are asking that folks gather support for him.

He had surgery Monday night- part of his lung was removed. He is sedated and on a ventilator. They are hoping to remove the vent today.
He cannot have visitors at this point. It is going to be a long road to recovery for Tom.
I’ll post updates as they come. Charlie is by his side. Message me if i can answer any questions.
Thank you……”

A GoFundMe Page has been established to help with medical expenses. Please donate.

Friends are also working on fundraising event at the Agave Room. 

Information on the fundraiser and Tom’s condition will be posted here and on Facebook as soon as its available. 

11/08/2016 Update

GoFundMe Amount: $13,849.00

Update Via Tom’s family: 

Tom is making amazing progress. Infection is still present – but he seems to be holding his own. He is smiling and laughing a bit. Hoping to move him out of the ICU down one step tomorrow or the next day. Charlie and Heather remain at his side. Anyone wishing to visit – please check in with Charlie. HUGE thank you to all of those who have donated to his gofundme site. That will be a godsend once he is released. What was once thought to be a month long hospital stay is looking MUCH more optimistic. Please continue to pray, wish, hope and send good thoughts his way. The surgeon showed us the x-rays today – before the surgery and after. Tom is a lucky LUCKY man.

11/06/2015 Update

Final update on TC for the night.
He’s recovering. The ventilator has been removed, he’s conscious and is talking. His GoFundMe page raised an astounding $9020.00 $10,091.00 in under 12 hours. Thanks to everyone that donated, prayed and sent positive thoughts his way. This has to be incredibly tough on his two kids. Lets think about something special to do for them too.


Please keep Tom and his family in your thoughts.