Wrapping up his twelfth year of bike commuting, Tom Sweeney, a PSD fifth-grade elementary school teacher, cyclist, and photographer, hasn’t missed a single ride to or from school since January 18th, 2012. Every ride serves as an opportunity for him to capture current events and the changing seasons via his beautiful photography. As the year comes to a close, Tom weaves the best shots into a slideshow set to music and, thankfully, shares it with us. Although the direct route from his home in West Fort Collins to Bennet Elementary spans 3.5 miles, Tom’s photographic journey often leads him off the beaten path. His 2023/24 school year slideshow and links to previous years are below.

If you enjoy his work, be sure to check out his book, Lisbon To Shanghai in Four Summers, where he documents his bike ride around the world over the course of four summers.

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