Trailcraft 2Fort Collins resident, Ginger Rosenbauer recently launched a highend line of kids mountain bikes. Please read the press release below and checkout the KickStarter to help Trailcraft Cycles get off the ground.

November 17, 2014


Contact: Ginger Rosenbauer



Fort Collins, Colorado, USA:  Trailcraft Cycles was created to answer the need for a high performance, lightweight, 24-inch XC kids bicycle.  With high end components mirroring those of mountain bikes two to three wheel sizes bigger, Trailcraft Cycles brings two options of both aluminum and titanium bicycles to the kids bike market.  Nestled on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, Trailcraft Cycles was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado which is known for for its great riding and family friendly atmosphere.

Trailcraft Cycles was started after modifying a 24- inch high-end mountain bike for founder Ginger Rosenbauer’s son.  “Our son’s riding progression was held back by a heavy bike. His high-end bike was designed around a stock frame with long chainstays making it difficult to learn to manual over obstacles and change directions quickly.  The heavy components hindered his ability to ride longer and learn key skills which he was ready for at 8-years-old,”  said Trailcraft Founder Ginger Rosenbauer. “The choices available for a high performance 24- inch bike were slim to none so I set out to create bikes which would give aspiring young riders the option to ride a great bicycle from the beginning.”

The first model, the Pineridge 24 is named after a local trail in Fort Collins, Colorado where Trailcraft was founded.  “The Pineridge 24 took our son’s riding from the good level to the great.  Hills that were once too difficult to ride became much easier, key skills were learned, and our family rides became longer and a lot more fun.”

The first small production run is ready, and is sold in four options: (1) complete aluminum bike (2) aluminum frame, fork, wheels, and cranks for personal customization (3) complete titanium bike and (4) titanium frame, fork, wheels, and cranks for personal customization. All are available for delivery before the holiday season on Kickstarter.  The next production run will be delivered April/May 2015.

The secret to the perfect ride quality of the Trailcraft Pineridge 24 bike is the unique frame geometry and high quality lightweight components. Each frame is hand built in very small batches with double butted 7005 aluminum tubing, forged dropouts, and post-mount disc brake mount. A chainstay length of 390mm allows kids to corner faster, change direction quicker, and lift the front end easier.  A shorter rear end also makes learning manuals and floating the front end over obstacles much more fun than your typical mass produced 24-inch bike designed with a kickstand in mind.

Trailcraft’s Pineridge 24 offers high performance geometry, Stans Crest rims, Schwalbe tires, Shimano Deore components, and three color options to choose from. These bikes are very light weight. The aluminum complete bike weighs approximately 22 pounds and the titanium complete bike weighs approximately 19 pounds.

The Pineridge 24 complete bike is being offered at $1699. The aluminum frame, fork, wheels and cranks are offered at $1199.  The Pineridge 24 titanium complete bike is being offered at $2699. The titanium frame, fork, wheels, cranks are offered at $2199.

Founder, Ginger Rosenbauer is really excited to bring these lightweight bikes into the marketplace. “It is my hope that children can ride these lightweight bikes building an early positive riding experience, and a lifetime love of riding.”

More information on Trailcraft Cycles can be found at, and email at  Trailcraft Cycles is offering all bikes and gear on their Kickstarter from November 17 through December 11 with delivery of a limited number of bikes by this Christmas.  Please like and share on Facebook, and suggest to parents who have kids that would benefit from a high performance lightweight 24” kids bike. TrailcraftCycles