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The second annual Brothers Mose Vintage Mountain Bike Ride harkens back to steel bikes, cantilever brakes and the age old tradition of drinking beer. On September 7, we will be riding from the Blue Sky Trailhead north to Soderberg and then thru the valley to the Lory parking lot and back. It’s a fun smooth 15 odd mile figure eight. Parking is $6 if you don’t have a pass.
Not a race, just a casual meeting of current and future friends. Old bikes are encouraged but not required. Vintage gear only wins you respect. Afterwards we cross the road and drink beers at the bar where every appetizer comes with a piece of bacon. 
Please contact me if coming through the Facebook page or email me so I can get an estimate on number of riders. Scenery Creative and I are hand screening free shirts for everyone.
Mose Bros