USA TODAY is running their Reader’s Choice Awards and Fort Collins is in the running for being the top Cycling City in the US. You can vote once per day until noon on April 14th.  It literally only takes a second. 

Here are the deets:

You have until APRIL 14 at NOON to vote daily for your favorite cycling city.  This category is a mash-up for cyclists from all persuasions.  For our nominations, we went to none other than celebrated cyclist George Hincapie, a former world champion and national champion. He took into account the cycling cities he knows and loves; cities in which he’s competed; cities with conducive weather; cities generating great buzz in the cycling community; and the places attracting cyclists on a permanent basis.

His nominees are a broad mix of northern and southern destinations: some appeal more to competitive cyclists, while others draw recreational cyclists or mountain bikers.  Our nominees offer a mix of reasons to love them: access to rental or free bikes, great bike paths, pro cycling events which are fun to watch, challenging terrain, great mountain biking, great pro cycling events, and/or an abundance of clubs and community rides.    

We are fortunate here in the states.  There are a wealth of worthy USA cycling cities which simply couldn’t fit on our (very small) list of 20 nominees.  These include League of American Bicyclists gold medal cities Eugene, Ashland and Corvallis, Oregon; Crested Butte and Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Cambridge, Mass; Jackson, Wyoming; Missoula, Montana; Palo Alto and San Francisco, California; Scottsdale, Arizona; and several other silver and bronze designated cities.    

You can vote once per day, per category.  Good luck to all our nominees!