It looks like winter is officially upon us. Luckily there are still several road group ride options to keep you motivated. Information on all group rides can be found here:


The TTH ride is still going full bore.  If you’re looking for a winter base mile ride, this ain’t it. Great for those of us racing cross or those that just love to hammer all year round. 


The Oval Lite started up a week ago. The guys are riding the classic route but at a more civilized pace. If things do get a little crazy on the climbs, they’re regrouping.  You can expect the high paced, cutthroat Oval to resume in Jan. 

Saturday Open Ride- SOR

The SOR ride has also transitioned into base phase. Sounds like Ford and Rod are keeping it nailed down until the end when people can open it up. 


All base all the time. The RioBase Ride is a great way to put in 3-5 chill hours on the bike with like minded folk. 

Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies

If you can’t make it to any of these group rides, you can always check out one of the classes at SETCR. These classes are great for staying in shape throughout the winter without freezing your toes off. Why be miserable alone? Be miserable with friends.