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Today, the First City Cycling Team announced several exciting details with regards to the 2017 version of the Cross of the North cyclocross weekend.  First and foremost, the race is going to return for the upcoming season. Although the race has the full and unwavering support of the First City Cycling Team, the direction the race was going was in question after race promoters, Tim Lynch, Tommy Taylor and Jay Zorn all decided to take on advisory roles in 2017. After 6 years and countless hours, it was time for those volunteers to take some time off.  FCCT member James Scott stepped up to take over the Race Director position and will lead the COTN team during this new phase. James' cycling discipline of choice is cyclocross and his motivated to help grow the race and the local scene. He was the race director for the Blue Hills Classic Crit in Hingham MA, (in addition to working on that race in other roles for 7 years) the expo coordinator for COTN, the volunteer coordinator for the Canton Cup CX race in Canton, MA and a volunteer for the Boston Rebellion ProXCT.

Before handing over the reigns to James, Tim Lynch achieved two major accomplishments. Most importantly, he secured what is hoped to be a long term location in Old Town Fort Collins. The race will now take place at the New Belgium campus and will incorporate some Tuesday night features but will also expand on that footprint.  This new venue will undoubtedly attract more grass roots racers, spectators and vendors and will be easier on race volunteers.  Tim also secured new dates for the weekend festivities, this year the race shrink down to two days, still incorporating the night races, on November 11-12. These new dates at the peak of the CX season will attract racers from all over the region but will not lose the moms, dads and juniors to the high school mountain bike league races as in years past.


Full Press release below:  



NORTH 2017

Contact: James Scott,

Fort Collins, Colorado, January 24, 2017 - The First City Cycling Team, Northern Colorado’s largest and most successful amateur cycling team, is excited to announce that the 2017 edition of the Cross of the North cyclocross weekend will take place on November 11-12, 2017 on the grounds of the New Belgium Brewery campus in Fort Collins.

“Cross of the North represents the best of Colorado cyclocross, and we’re thrilled to partner with New Belgium Brewing,” said race director James Scott. “The opportunity to bring the highest quality of cyclocross racing to the heart of Fort Collins will result in an outstanding event for racers, spectators, and our community.” 

“We’re very excited to deepen our ties to competitive cycling in Colorado by hosting Cross of the North,” said Emily Dufficy, Events Coordinator at New Belgium Brewing. “A high-profile weekend event that draws racers from all over Colorado and neighboring states is a natural extension of our involvement with the Ciclismo Youth Foundation Tuesday night races. We’re looking forward to hosting racers from anywhere and everywhere. They can be sure our facilities will provide an entertaining and exciting race venue”

Founded in 2011, Cross of the North has grown into Northern Colorado’s premiere cyclocross event, drawing more than 1000 racers over the weekend. The 2017 event will feature two days of racing for all ages and abilities, including the twilight races that have become COTN’s trademark. First City Cycling Team’s all-volunteer race staff is already hard at work designing a course to satisfy event the most demanding cyclocross racers.


To get updates as they become available, follow the Cross of the North on the Internet:



Instagram and Twitter: @crossofthenorth

woycotnOne of the Woy Twins clears the railroad ties at COTN on Friday Oct 7th. Photo by Paul Kumm.


Citing low racer participation numbers, Cross of the North race directors, Tim Lynch (Executive Director), Tommy Taylor (Technical Director) and Jay Zorn (Course Director) have all resigned their positions. The owners of the race, the First City Cycling Team, have not yet decided what the future of the race will be. 

Since its inception 6 years ago the race has struggled to find a permanent venue, sponsorship dollars, race participants and even volunteers. The race was always well received by locals and out of towners who made the trek to Loveland or Fort Collins. Many saying it was the best CX weekend of the year. It started out as a one day race in 2011, hosted the state championships in 2012 and grew to be a three day race in 2013. 2016 was the first year the race didn't show any growth and actually dropped below 2013 racer numbers. On paper COTN had everything a racer would want, night races, 3 meter wide, expertly designed, challenging courses, double tape around the entire course, food trucks, beer, coffee, metal fencing along the start/finish, cash payout for the Elites, kids races, bounce houses, bands, lots of volunteers but it was never enough to bring the numbers that matched the promoters enthusiasm.  Races in the Boulder area can clear 600 and sometimes 800 racers. COTN never cleared 485 in its 6 year history. 

One of the more unique things about COTN was that every dime either went back into the race or was given to a non profit. The race never made the team any money and actually cost FCCT money. FCCT wanted COTN to be a racers race, it was never meant to be a revenue stream.  At the end of every year COTN would post a detailed list of their financials. They showed sponsorship dollars, entry fee income, BRAC, ACA, porta potty expenses, venue rental costs... It was all out there for the entire cycling community to see. Here are the 2015 financials. Here are the 2014 financials. The 2016 financials have not been posted yet. 

First City Cycling Team managers plan to discuss the future of Cross of the North during the coming weeks and months. Two main things factor into whether or not the race will live on. A) Finding qualified team members to take on the responsibility of running the race. B) Finding a conducive piece of property at an affordable price that will be available for years to come. 

Executive Director Tim Lynch posted this to the event Facebook page Tuesday Night. 

First off, I'd like to thank every individual that made the Cross of the North what it has become over the past 6 years - Our participants, our sponsors, our vendors, our officials, all the photographers that captured the activity, and especially our volunteers. You all played a role in making this event the best cyclocross event on the calendar (I admit to being biased.)

It is at this time that I have made the decision to resign my position as Executive Director. Our Technical Director Tommy Taylor has also made the decision to step down at this time. This decision is not as much in response to the resignation of our Course Director Jay Zorn a day ago rather, in support and alliance of it.

We have worked very hard over the past 6 years to break the model of typical CX racing in Colorado. Our primary goal was to create a destination event that showcased our lifestyle and community. We raised the bar in the details, (min. 3+ meter-wide lanes, double tape, two-way pit with water whether needed or not, a Friday night race under the lights, multiple food vendors, beer, kids zone, no gimmick features, hard fencing where needed, and in the last two years, the incorporation of live music.) It is unfortunate and frustrating that the race numbers (participants and spectators) have been unable to reflect the passion, vision, and level of enthusiasm we each have for this sport and community.

There have been a lot of suggestions and opinions on how to improve our model. Shorten the weekend, loose the night race, eliminate live music, reduce number of courses, etc., but this is our brand. This is our vision. This was the Cross of the North.

At this time I do not know the future of the Cross of the North and it pains me to let go. I love these people very much. However, I need to spend some time with family and get back to why I fell in love with this sport a decade ago.

Thanks for playing
Timothy Lynch
aka "Timmy"


By the numbers, 


One day event at the Ranch Events Complex


Registered 159



2 Day State Championships at the Ranch Events Complex

12/15/2012 Registered 406

12/16/2012 Registered 227

Total 633



3 day event over two separate weekends. One day at the old USGP course on South College Ave and two days at the Ranch Events Complex. *No night race. 

09/08/2013 Registered 407 - USGP course

10/19/2013 Registered 400 - The Ranch Events Complex

10/20/2013 Registered 337- The Ranch Events Complex

Total 1144



3 day event during one weekend with Friday night races under the lights at The Ranch Events Complex.

10/10/14 Registered 250

10/11/14 Registered 485

10/12/14 Registered 412

Total 1147



3 day event during one weekend with Friday night races under the lights at the old USGP Course.

10/09/15 Registered 355

10/10/15 Registered 478

10/11/15 Registered 408

Total 1241



 3 day event during one weekend with Friday night races under the lights just east of the Promenade Shops at Centerra 

10/07/16 Registered 277

10/08/16 Registered 441

10/09/16 Registered 320

Total 1038


It should be noted that most races along the Front Range are seeing significantly fewer racers in 2016 compared to 2015. Data provided by Alan Schenkel. 





done and dustedPhoto by Joshua Krabbe


Day One Race Results- 277 registered racers, 266 finishers.

Day Two Race Results- 439 registered racers, 413 finishers.

Day Three Race Results- 319 registered racers, 296 finishers.

2016 Total registered racers- 1035

2015 Total registered racers- 1241



Dean Warren: 

Album 1 

Album 2

Album 3

Album 4


Racershots: (none posted as of Monday AM)


Dejan Smaic:




Paul Kumm



Ryan Korzyniowski


Greg Cooper

More coming...

Friday Map:



Saturday Map:


Sunday Map:



Race Payout: 

(Junior races on Saturday and Sunday only)
Jr. Men 9-10: Medals 3 deep
Jr. Women 9-10: Medals 3 deep
Jr. Men 11-12: Medals 3 deep
Jr. Women 11-12: Medals 3 deep
Jr. Men 13-14: Medals 3 deep
Jr. Women 13-14: Medals 3 deep
Jr. Men 15-16: Medals 3 deep
Jr. Women 15-16: Medals 3 deep
Jr. Men 17-18: Medals 3 deep
Jr. Women 17-18: Medals 3 deep
Men Cat 5: Medals 3 deep
Men Cat 4: Medals 3 deep
Women Cat 4: Medals 3 deep
Men Cat 3: Medals 3 deep
Women Cat 3: Medals 3 deep
Masters Men 40+_Cat 4: Medals 3 deep
Masters Men 40+_Cat 3: Medals 3 deep
Masters Men 40+: Medals 3 deep
Masters Women 40+: Medals 3 deep
Masters Men 50+_Cat 4: Medals 3 deep
Masters Men 50+: Medals 3 deep
MM 60+: Medals 3 deep
​Single Speed Cat 4/5: Medals 3 deep
Single Speed Open: Medals 3 deep
Elite Women's Open: Medals 3 deep + $1,000 (10 deep)
Elite Men's Open: Medals 3 deep + $1,000 (10 deep)

(Determined by 3 race average finishing place; lowest wins)
Elite Women's Open: Hammer and Nails
Elite Men's Open: Hammer and Nails

Team Homan Primes
($35 "Dash for Cash"; 1st racer to a spot each day)
Men Cat 4
Women Cat 4
Men Cat 3
Women Cat 3
Masters Men 40+_Cat 4
Masters Men 40+_Cat 3
Masters Men 40+
Masters Women 40+
Masters Men 50+_Cat 4
Masters Men 50+
MM 60+
​Single Speed Cat 4/5
Single Speed Open
Elite Women's Open
Elite Men's Open


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Cosmo Catalano from the Cyclocosm took a spin on the Cross of the North course over the weekend.  I think it's Catalano approved. 


Races will take place on Oct 7th, 8th and 9th. 

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2016COTN Ugly USAC Flyer


COTN LOGO BIGCross of the North organizers have announced the venue for the 2016 three day Northern Colorado community lifestyle and cyclocross festival. For the 3rd time in the 6 year history of the race, it will take place at a new location. Costs associated with using the Ranch Events Complex and pending development of the USGP course on South College Ave meant that COTN organizers had to again spend considerable time and energy looking for a new venue. This year the races and festivities hosted by the First City Cycling Team will take place directly across from the Promenade Shops of Centerra at the intersection of Sky Ponds Drive & Centerra Parkway in Loveland, CO.  Specific course layout details have yet to be announced but as in years past, the course will change between the Friday night, Saturday and Sunday races. Stay tuned for course videos, maps and photos to be published soon. 

In addition to the new venue, #cotn2016 has been added to the USA Cycling National Cyclocross Calendar.  Races will take place on Oct 7th, 8th and 9th. 

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Sticking with tradition, The First City Cycling Team and Cross of the North has again released its financials for the COTN CX weekend. Tommy Taylor, the Technical Director sent along this statement. 

The FCCT/Cross of the North has always held itself to the highest standards of financial transparency. From day one, our commitment has been to put on an event with the focus on the racers and spectators with all proceeds going towards either awards, charity donation or reinvestment in infrastructure (i.e., race kit, which incidentally is available free of charge for other race promoters). We believe that providing our financial details to the public serves as an educational tool as we ourselves were very naive about the workings of race promotion prior to taking on this event. Year over year, as the COTN crew has gained experience, the event has continued to build on itself, as reflected in the historical summary.

As you can see by the numbers, the team is not in it for the money. Every bit of the race budget and some of the team budget goes into making a great CX weekend.


2015COTN Annual Summary

2015COTN Summary Infographic

2015COTN Historical Summary



Gould COTN 2014In an effort to draw spectators and build on our festival concept, the Cross of the North crew thought it would be good to provide some education on the sport of Cyclocross, and more importantly, the Cross of the North Cyclocross Race.


Let’s begin with the sport of Cyclocross. What is it? Cyclocross (also referred to as CX or Cross) is a competitive cycling discipline that began in Europe during the early 1900s as an off-season regiment for Tour de France competitors. A Cross race occurs on a closed course consisting of multiple terrains (i.e., pavement, grass, mud, snow, sand, gravel). In addition, barriers (i.e., sand pits, logs, plywood) are placed along the courses that require the riders to briefly dismount and carry their bicycle(s) over the obstacle and remount. Course lengths range from 2.5km – 3.5km (1.5 miles – 2 miles) where riders will repeat course laps until the race time period has been met by the lead rider – usually between 40 min. to an hour. The Cyclocross season begins in September and ends with the World Championships in early February and races are held rain or shine, hot or freezing cold, whether there is snow on the ground or not.


CX racing by itself makes for very spectator-friendly event given the multiple times to see riders during each race. Throw in the element of mud, snow, rain, and/or barriers, and the carnage and suffering really begins! Add a consistent flow of beer from local microbreweries, some tasty eats to keep your tummy happy, and you have the formula for spectator utopia!


So just what is the Cross of the North? The Cross of the North is all of the above and much, much, more. Our vision is greater than simply promoting the best CX race in the state. More importantly we wish to showcase the Northern Colorado community and lifestyle with local beers, local food vendors, local live bands, and local businesses for a full weekend of entertainment for the entire family. The fun begins Friday afternoon October 7th (racing from noon – 8:45 pm under the lights, Sat./Sun. racing 7:00am – 4:30pm). The Spex Vision Care Kid’s Zone will include a bouncy castle, inflatable “bouncy ponies”, and a U8 Strider-Safe CX Course designed by Oskar Zorn. U8 (8 yrs. and younger) kids races will be held both Saturday October 9th and Sunday October 10th @ noon. The Expo will be lined with Northern Colorado bike-friendly businesses offering some fantastic products and services.


The best part of the Cross of the North from a spectator’s point of view is that it is FREE to spectate!


Come out and join us October 7th, 8th, and 9th, for a weekend you don’t want to miss. Bring your friends and family! It’s going to be EPIC!

Race venue to be announced very soon!


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COTN Sizzle Video

Cyclocross Explained


USGP Sizzle Video







 The First City Cycling Team has again released the financials for the Cross of the North Cyclocross weekend. The team that produces the 3 day 'racers race' allows us a look at why races cost what they do.

Several things jump out while reviewing the sheet; the team did an exceptional job raising sponsorship for a regional race but the major source of revenue is still participant dependent, USAC/BRAC fees are outrageous, building a world class course is expensive and while having a course that is guaranteed to be available rain or shine is nice, it comes at a cost.   After seeing what happened at Cyclocross Nationals, that cost might very well be justified. 

If the sheet isn't displaying below, please try this link.



Information, results, photos and race flyer will be posted here shortly. 

Races will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 7th, 8th and 9th 2016

Updated 08/29/2016