Photo by @mtbjill

This week we welcome Amy Swan to the YGR studios here in beautiful and historic midtown Fort Collins. Our guest DJ hails from the great state of SoDak and is one of our top two favorite Swan sisters.

Favorite bike: I love all of my bikes, but since I’m a mountain biking gal at heart, I’ll go with my Trek Fuel EX 9.8. I’ll give an honorable mention to my gravel bike (Kona Rove) that I use for anything that isn’t mountain biking, including gravel, road, touring, easy singletrack, and cross-town trips.
Favorite ride: Marble to Crested Butte including my first ride down 401 (picture), getting a shuttle ride to the top of Phil’s trails in Bend and cruising miles of singletrack back to town, and of course my home trails, like a Carey Springs/Sawmill or Lower Mill combo or a dusk flow session at Blue Sky. The ride up Old Fall River road I did this past weekend is up there too. There are too many to name!
Employer/title: I’m a Project Scientist at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at CSU, researching the nexus of soils, agriculture, and climate change.
When do you listen to these? I basically never listen to music on my MTB, so this list is pulled largely from lists I tend to listen to on lonely gravel rides out east. The EDM/Britney/Lizzo type of stuff I would listen to indoors just isn’t the right vibe for gravel rides. I threw in a couple country songs for good measure, since if you’re not listening to Dwight Yoakum’s A Thousand Miles from Nowhere when you’re on backroads in Weld County, what are you even doing out there?