Becky Mikrut of Sugar Beets Cycling is the first YGR 10 Tracks DJ to be featured on the new YGR Radio station on Spotify. That doesn’t really mean much except that in preparation for the new YGR website rollout,  I launched a much more organized Spotify station just for the site rather than using my personal account. You can find all 68(what?!) 10 Tracks playlists on there, all neat and tidy. Links below. 

But I digress, who is this Becky Mikrut? Becky moved to the Fort from Muskegon, MI right when the dangol pandemic was ramping up. She’s the Americas region Creative Director at JLL, a commercial real estate firm. “I’ve been there for almost 8 years! On the side, I do freelance cycling kit designs because they are fun (among other random design projects).” Becky loves her Trek Top Fuel 9.9 and tolerates her CX bike. She describes cyclocross as type 2 fun which is pretty accurate. I’ve got a shiny nickel that says she’ll be racing gravel by this time next year. 

Favorite Ride? Locally, my favorite is the Horsetooth greatest hits: South Ridge > Wathen > Sawmill > Nomad or Hall Ranch going up/down Bitterbrush.

When do you listen to these? I listen to these when I’m doing my strength workouts, cooking, driving to the trailhead, and for spontaneous solo dance parties. I don’t often listen to music while riding outside and I’ve successfully avoided the trainer for over a year, but if I had to get on the trainer, this would be a good list to keep me entertained!