Our guest DJ this week is Bella Oleksy, she’s a professional student at CSU and rides for the Sugar Beets. Dig it:

Favorite bike: Whichever one I’m on at the moment, since I have a special place in my heart for all my bikes (road bike, commuter, XC fully suspension, and XC/Enduro hardtail). Lately, I’ve really been digging my time on my shreddy hardtail, the All City Electric Queen.

Favorite ride: I love riding out the door from my house up and over Res Ridge/Michaud toward Lory Timber > West Ridge > Howard and up the valley and back on the foothills trails to complete a ring-around-the-reservoir 🙂

Employer/title/”what would you say you do here”…: I am working on finishing up my doctorate at Colorado State University. So, I do research full time on the ecology of alpine lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park, looking to understand how these ecosystems are affected by a combination of air pollution and a rapidly changing climate (Editors note: it looks like her job suuuuuucks >insert sarcasm font<). The best part of my job is all the time I get to spend in the mountains!

When do you listen to these? I made this playlist to compliment a workout I had to do this week. Quick 10-15 minute warm up, then 2 sets of 15min steady state intervals with 5 min RBI. I like something upbeat to get me pumped for my workout but during my intervals I just like something with a good steady beat and not too many annoying lyrics. Give it a try… enjoy!