He’d be the first to admit that he’s not the fastest and he’s often broken (he currently has a broken hand) but there are few others that carry the stoke for cycling that he does. He also contributes a ton to the local cycling scene, volunteering at most grassroots events and as a former race director for 40 in the Fort. So without further adieu, I give you this week’s 10 tracks DJ, Bill Hestermann. Bill was born in Chicago, raised in the Denver metro area, and has officially been in the Fort for 15 years.  After working in the automotive industry for several years, Bill landed a job at the Gearage where he’s been for six years and is the current manager.

Bill during one of the City Streets Crits in 2016. Photo by Ryan Korzyniowski

When do you listen to these? They’re my favorite earworms that play in my head when I’m riding.
Favorite bike? My 1986 Eddy Merckx Cosra that an ex-racer gifted me so it would be ridden.
Favorite ride? Cathy Frome/Long View Trail.
Preferred style of riding? A nice mix of road and gravel.
Team name if applicable? FCCT
How do you take your coffee? Not a coffee drinker, Diet Dr. Pepper.
Who influenced your taste in music? Everyone just listening to whatever someone plays.

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