This week’s 10 Tracks DJ is Brad Piepenbrink. Brad and his wife Krista bought Recycled Cycles and moved to Fort Collins two years ago. Since making the move they’ve fully embraced the Fort Collins lifestyle, they’re a one car family that does most of their work, school, pool and brewery runs by bike.   You’ll often see them bombing around town with their two kids dangling out of their Yuba Supercargo CL e bike.  They’ve also become among the most active shop owners in the Fort Collins cycling scene. Brad is a current board member for Overland Mountain Bike Association and you’ll often see Brad, Krista and their staff at Wish for Wheels builds, RioSwap, City Council meetings, Bike to Work Day, the Sendtown Races and other community events.

When do you listen to these? I started commuting by bike full time when I moved to FOCO so that’s when I catch up on tunes and podcast.
Favorite bike? This is like asking me which kid is my favorite… I’d have to say my Surly Midnight Special in perwinkle blue. Commuting, gravel, brewery rides, bike-camping, it can do it all.
Favorite ride? Two rides come to mind… In May, I joined some friends to ride from Estes Park to the top of trail ridge road in Rocky Mountain National Park the day before the road opened to cars for the season. It was magical, bluebird day with no wind and 4500′  of climbing.

Last year, I joined one of my co-workers and we set the SKT (slowest known time) record on the 145 mile course for the FOCO Fondo. Although we were the lanterne rouge’s, I’m confident we had more fun than all the other riders. It’s awesome that we have a world class event right here in our backyard. I’m going to miss the event this year because I’m going to RAGBRAI but I hope to join the following year and maybe set another SKT. ”
Preferred style of riding? Family rides on our cargo bike riding around town with an occasional brewery or ice cream pit-stop.
Years in Fort Collins? 2 years
Employer? Owner of Recycled Cycles & Fitness
Hometown? I grew up a military brat but claim Manteno, Illinois as my hometown. I went to college in Florida and stayed in the sunshine state for 13 years before we moved to the promise land of Northern Colorado.
Team name if applicable? Poudre Sunrise Cyclists, Overland Mountain Bike Association
How do you take your coffee? Black, one cup every morning. For early morning rides with the Poudre Sunrise Cyclist group, I make it the night before and put it in a Stanley thermos so I can start drinking it the second I roll out of bed at 4:30am. It’s silly, but every minute counts for those early morning rides. If I have extra time, I’ll break out my Aeropress.
Who influenced your taste in music? A little bit of everything. I didn’t realize my parents had good taste of music until I discovered their record collection a few years out of college.

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