Chad Haga of the UCI World Tour team, Sunweb, is well known for his love of music. If there’s a piano somewhere in the team hotel, he’ll likely be playing it.  This week, we’re checking out his current playlist. Here’s what Chad had to say about “When riding, I listen almost exclusively to podcasts. Riding the trainer, I’m watching netflix…except when it’s before a TT. So I’d consider this my “TT warmup/moving weight around at the gym” playlist. I could also take a nap with this playing, which my wife cannot begin to understand.”.

Favorite bike: My 1988/9 Raleigh Gran Prix—rescued from a dumpster by a friend 10 years ago, converted to a fixie by yours truly (my first wheel build, even), broken frame repaired by Black Sheep, saddle stylishly re-covered by my brother (Homage Leather Works), and a Van Gogh-artwork bell given to me by a Dutch museum. Even though it tried to kill me a couple weeks ago, no other bike brings me joy quite like this one. Even though I enjoy and really like my “work” bikes, I see them more as tools to go fast.

Favorite ride: Getting to the family cabin up near Cameron Pass…Up and over Rist, then up the Poudre before climbing to Red Feather, reaching Laramie River Road via Deadman’s Pass. Lots of dirt!

Employer: Team Sunweb, where I’m primarily a domestique.