NCGR’s Clint Jones has the special honor of joining us on inauguration day as our YGR 10 Tracks DJ of the week. Clint is a Civil Engineer with Larimer County, loves to send it on janky old school trail. His playlist needs to be played LOUD and preferably on the way to a race. Clint is married to last week’s DJ, Tenae Jones.   

Favorite Ride?

My all-time favorite has been Squamish and Sedona. Locally I enjoy Ginny/OTR, Stout, Timber, Mill Creek. The Jankier the better.
Favorite Bike?

My Proudfoot Resolve Steel Hardtail. I’ve raced cross country, gravel and cyclocross on it. It also has 27+ tires that I run for the winter months.
When do you listen to these?

Max volume in the Sprinter Van rolling up to New Belgium short track races with the kids in the back seat. My wife loves when I do that.