The multi-talented Corbin Brady joins us as the YGR 10 Tracks DJ this week. Corbin is a mechanic at Brave New Wheel, a photographer still using 35mm film, and a metal fabricator building the occasional bike.  He moved to the Fort in January of 2015 from Kansas, with nothing more than a few rubber maid tubs full of gear and two bikes. 

Favorite Bike:My favorite bike is definitely my mountain bike.  I spent some time last winter hand-building the frame in my garage–it’s a slack and long steel hardtail. This bike definitely sets itself apart in a crowd with its brass fillets, raw finish, and single-speed drive train.  What sticks out the most is the lack of hand brakes. Yep, this bike has only a coaster brake to slow it down. The feeling you get when you are gripping the bars and pointing it downhill… well, you will just have to take my word for it.

Favorite Ride:Got to love a long day in the alpine. There is a ride every year in Salida that goes up and over Monarch crest from town.  Riding heavy out of town–lots of snacks in the cold, calm, dawn– you make your way toward the top of Fooses Creek via dirt road and single track.  Depending on how big you want to go, you can drop Agate Creek and get burgers at Sargent’s, or take the classic Silver Creek to Rainbow and enjoy ice cream and hot dogs sooner.  

When do you listen to these?I like to get music going as soon as the kettle whistles for coffee in the morning. This playlist will morph into its own as the day goes on. When riding, I like a good beat and rhythm, something to set the pace to.