Dwight Hall is our DJ this week on 10 Tracks. Dwight is a well respected and seasoned roadie, mountain biker and backcountry skier.  He’s also a husband, father and president of Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewery.  I imagine he does some other interesting things but those are the highpoints.  

Favorite bike: The one ProVelo has working the best. I really enjoy mixing up mtn, road and gravel.

Favorite ride: mtn- I have unhealthy attraction to the Tinton trail in Spearfish SD, road- Masonville/Stove Praire/Rist never disappoints, gravel: couldn’t tell you cause I’m usually half lost but having a great time.

Employer: CooperSmith’s pres.- it’s a small business so anything from complying with federal regulations to fixing toilets. If it’s glamorous I do it.

I ride alone quite a bit and have done exhaustive research with a sample size of one and conclusively found:

MTB- old school hip hop and rap.

Zone 2 endurance rides- podcasts.

Hard intervals- heavy metal.

Gravel- country music

Trainer- techno (just kidding, I don’t ride a trainer)