Horsetooth Cycling’s Enrique Lopez is our DJ this week on 10 Tracks. Enrique is an Assitant Controller* at Canyon Bakehouse**  down in Johnstown.  He and his family have lived in the Fort for 10 years which is the longest they have managed to stay in one city without being runoff.  

Favorite bike: my 2012 Tarmac SL4 with SRAM Red and Enve 2.2 wheels

Favorite ride: Independence Pass, either side or both in one day if you’re feeling feisty 

When do you listen to these? Working on spreadsheets all day or Zwifting in the winter.*An assistant controller manages day-to-day accounts activities and often oversees any internal auditing. The assistant controller must have a good working knowledge of financial regulations to ensure that the finance department is working within those parameters.

** Canyon Bakehouse is a gluten-free (plus other stuff) bakery based out of Johnston CO. Enrique’s 10 Tracks are below.