He’s back baby! I’m happy to announce that after having his hand broke back in July, Gavin Mannion will return to racing at the Tour of Britain (Sun, Sep 4 – Sun, Sep 11, 2022). The Human Powered Health Pro and cycling coach will head across the pond later this week. To celebrate we’ve invited Gavin to be our DJ on 10 Tracks and he graciously agreed.

When do you listen to these? Pre-race drives, or on the bike mostly.

Favorite ride?  Any coffee ride.

Preferred style of riding? Road, cross, MTB, gravel…

Years in NoCo? 5 years in FoCo

Employer?  Pro cyclist for Human Powered Health. Coach for Durata Training

Hometown? Boston

How do you take your coffee? All of the above, provided it’s freshly ground and perfectly crafted. I do espresso/pour-over at home and take my hand grinder and aero press setup on the road.

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