This week on 10 Tracks we have Janna Dickerson in the YGR studio. Janna rides road and gravel for the Rio/Fort Follies. Twenty nineteen has been a great season for her so far with 6 podiums in 9 races (7 if it’s one of those extended podiums). She recently completed the audacious goal of riding 1000 miles in one month and also received the coveted bolo tie from the FoCo Fondo Fest for completing the 105-mile course in under 7 hours. Her 10 tracks are below.

Favorite bike: DeFavorite bike: Depends on what mood I’m in, but it’s between a Fuji and a Fuji.

Favorite ride: Old Fall River Road, bonus points for the full moon editionEmployer/title: Graphic Designer and Tennis Pro at Genesis Health Clubs

When do you listen to these? I’m in the no headphones while riding camp, so I usually listening to these before a race or while I’m suffering at Source.