We are back with 10 Tracks, and this week’s DJ is Jared Hansen. Jared races all the bikes for FCCT, is the BIPOC Program Leader for the FoCo Fondo, the media director for Cross of the North, and volunteers in various ways with OMBA. He’s originally from Denver and has been in SoWyo and NoCo for the past 15 years.

Learn more about Jared and listen to his playlist below.

When do you listen to these? On the indoor trainer
Favorite bike? Cannondale CAAD12
Favorite ride? Louisville Twilight Crit
Preferred style of riding? Fast – Aggressive trail, crits, and cross.
Employer/title/years there? Oliver Digital Marketing – Owner
How do you take your coffee? Course ground black coffee, beans need to be fresh roasted and preferably a dark or medium roast.
Who influenced your taste in music? My Dad. He and I listened to all genres of rock when he would drive me to school; Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, the list goes on. He is a really talented percussionist and encouraged me to play the drums for several years where I really discovered the rhythms and progressions that I love in music. My dad let me explore a lot of genres of metal, hard rock, and acid rock at a young age and I am so grateful for that.

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