Test riding the Devinci Hatchet Gravel Bike on the roads and trails outside of Quincy, CA at the Devinci Hatchet Press Launch.

This week’s guest DJ is Josh Patterson. He’s the Senior Tech editor over at BikeRadar.  He’s a Fort Collins resident since…I don’t know, quite awhile. He likes those enduro mtb races and endurance gravel races but if it has two wheels and pedals he’ll find joy in seeing what it can do.  

Favorite bike: Hmm… I ride all the bikes. It’s a toss-up between my over-forked Santa Cruz Tallboy 3 and Rock Lobster SSCX. Both of these bikes encourage me to push the envelope ride like a hooligan. 

Favorite ride:  I spend a lot of time on road and gravel bikes, but I’m a mountain biker at heart. Ginny and Mill Creek are my local favorites. I’ve been lucky enough to ride in a lot of amazing places and as cliché as it may sound, the Whole Enchilada is probably still my all-time favorite trail. 

Employer/title/what would you say you do here…: Senior Tech Editor at BikeRadar

When do you listen to these? I love music, but I generally don’t listen to it while riding. I make an exception for excessively-long gravel races, such as the Dirty Kanza 200. For events like this, I need extra motivation and something with an edge, a bit of aggression, and a high tempo to help me turn the pedals over.