YGR welcomes Kristen Arnold, a fairly recent transplant to Fort Collins, as our DJ this week. Kristen is a sports dietitian that focuses on female athletes, a cycling coach with Source Endurance and a professional racer with Team Wolfpack. She currently spends most of her time racing on the road but she’s not one to shy away from the dirt as demonstrated by her Kokopelli FKT attempt and her 4th place finish at the Tour Divide. YGR did a review of her Kokopelli Orbea here

Favorite bike? Waterford R-33
Favorite ride? Up Rist Canyon to Stove Prairie to Masonville to Old Town to Little Bird Bake Shop
Employer/title? arnoldrdn.com and Source Endurance LLC and Team Wolfpack p/b JAKROO / sports dietitian, coach, professional racer.
When do you listen to these? during tempo, subthreshold, and threshold interval sets