Mel racing her her way to 7th in the Belmont crit at speedweek. Belmont, NC. April 2017. Photo by @SnowyMountainPhotography

What does LA Sweat pro Mel Beale listen to when she’s getting swole in the gym?  We can’t say….. Yeah, can.  We’ve got her 10 Tracks below.  Mel is a Graduate Teaching Assistant & Graduate Research Assistant in Health and Exercise Science at CSU. What would you say you do here? I teach anatomical kinesiology & I work in the Physical Activity for Treatment and Prevention laboratory. I’m currently working on a study in colorectal cancer survivors examining the effects of fiber supplementation & exercise on microbiome, blood lipids, and inflammatory markers.

Favorite bike: Cinelli Strato Faster crit whip road bike

Favorite ride: Nothing beats the beauty and “built-in intervals” of the Horsetooth Dams. Only takes a bit over an hour but it’s always enough of a workout!

When do you listen to these: I listen to these when I lift, mostly! I am hitting the weights really hard this off season. I’ve also been hitting the trails a lot, and I listen to these jams then too. With only one headphone of course 😉