Well, would you look at that, we’ve got Nicole Swan on 10 Tracks this week. The software developer snuck back to the Fort from Seattle sometime this past summer and we’re stoked to be pumped to have her in town again. Word on the streets is that her sis Amy will be DJing here preesoon (this acts as an announcement and a passive-aggressive reminder).

What’s her favorite bike you ask? Well, its a steel Niner RLT- “I originally bought it for rainy Seattle commuting – now it’s my winter commuter and continues to mutate into its final form as a touring rig.”

Favorite ride:

2019 FoCo Fondo 50-mile route. Iron Horse State Park to Snoqualmie Tunnel on the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail (near Seattle). Lory State Park Valley loop. Any ride that takes me to the view at the top of Bingham Hill on a warm evening.

When do you listen to these?

At some point several years ago I just stopped listening to music while I ride, but before that I used to curate a climbing playlist for rides that went up. So, I thought it would be fun to reach back into that archive and also add a couple current ones I would add to the playlist if I was still curating it for myself. These grooves probably only work for you if you are also speed challenged. Alternatively, I recommend Alice in Chains.