Ryan Muchmore is our DJ this week on 10 Tracks. Ryan hails from the great state of Delaware and has been in the Fort for four years.  He’s one of the first smiling faces you’ll see if you duck into Niner HQ (Chris Wolff being the other). Big gravel and/or singletrack days are his jam.

Ryan on day one of the 2022 North South bikepacking race. He unfortunately had an old knee injury flair up and had to scratch a few hours later.

When do you listen to these? This really is a mixed bag of songs. I listen to all of these while riding and most of them will find their way into my week at some point.

Favorite bike? Right now it’s my single speed Sir 9.

Favorite ride? Prince Creek.

Preferred style of riding? A loonnnggg remote day(s) on gravel or trail. The kind where you chugging a half gallon of milk outside of a gas station is needed since you haven’t seen a store in a while.

Years in NoCo? 4 years

Employer/title/years there? Niner/Rider Services/1 year

Hometown? Lewes, Delaware

How do you take your coffee? Dark roast beans are my favorite. Hot coffee I always take black, iced coffee I’ll throw a splash of oat milk in there. The moka pot is usually the got to, otherwise, it’s my trust coffee pot that’s been around since I first lived on my own.

Who influenced your taste in music? No one at all. It all goes by how I am feeling that day. Some days it’s blasting T-Swift; other times it’s Metallica. Really anything I can sing too with my awful voice.

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