Sam Acheson is one of the unsung hero’s of YGR. He’s been answering my dumb backend questions and hosting the site since I launched this thing back in 2008. A recovering roadie, Sam spends most of his time on mtb and gravel bikes these days. Sam came up on the mean streets of West Des Moines Ia and has been in the Fort since 1993. Sam is the COO at Teren Inc (yeah, I don’t know what that means either). 

When do you listen to these? I’ll listen when I’m on a long solo ride and when I’m driving, but I mostly put the music on when I’ve got a fire in the firepit, the guitar out, and a whiskey in hand.

Favorite bike? Baum Cycles Orbis+ (a beautiful bike if I may add) 

Favorite ride?  MTB: South Boundary in Taos, NM; GROAD: around Hahn’s Peak; any ride my daughter will accompany me on.