Yesterday we announced Sebastian Sturges’ new cycling team, Ardor Racing, and today we have Sebastian as our DJ for 10 Tracks. Sebastian moved from Alexandria Virginia to Fort Collins in 2013 to attend CSU. Although he’s currently on loan to Denver, working for a small defense contractor, Sebastian considers Fort Collins to be home and will be moving back soon. 

Favorite bike: Has to be my 2016 Focus Mares. I’ve done everything from cyclocross nationals to bikepacking across Europe on this one. Just got a fresh ground-up rebuild so it can keep rolling for a few more years. 

Favorite ride: I disdain flat rides, so anything with hills. I’m a big fan of going over the dams, up and down Rist Canyon, and back over the dams. 

Employer: I work for a “small” aerospace defense contractor.

When do you listen to these songs: I do most of my riding solo and always have headphones in, so all the time. The slower stuff tends to keep me going on cold winter days, whereas the faster songs are always incorporated into my pre-race warm up playlist.