Alright, we’re back to posting fresh content after Spring Break so it seems fitting to have a college kid get us back into the groove of things. Our DJ this week is Tayne Andrade. Tayne is a core member of the CSU Cycling Team and Team Rio Grande Racing. He’s working on his Master’s in environmental engineering at CSU and is a wrench at the Spoke Bicycle Shop on the CSU campus. He’s originally from Albuquerque, NM and has been in the Fort for five years.

When do you listen to these? This music is really the soundtrack to my life, on and off the bike.

Favorite bike? My Gary Fischer Big Sur commuter bike. 100mm -20 degree stem, 2.2 tan wall tires, single-speed rocket ship.

Favorite ride? Doing a South to North Horsetooth loop, finishing on Bingham. Was the first ride I did here, and the views never disappoint.

Preferred style of riding? Anything and everything, but urban cx always has a special place in my heart.

Who influenced your taste in music? Both my mom and dad influenced my music taste, basically, listen to the same music they did at my age.