Photo by Ryan Korzyniowski

This week on 10 Tracks we get to hear what keeps Tim Fegel going as he’s knocking out back-to-back 100+ mile gravel days or short but intense cx workouts.  As you may have guessed, it’s not Paula Abdul. Tim races road, gravel and cross for the 1st City Cycling team and you want to get into bikepacking, Tim’s your man. Tim is a chemist for the Forest Service here in Fort Collins. 

Favorite Bike: Whichever one I’m currently riding, especially if it’s the wrong bike for the type of ride I’m on.
Favorite Ride: Old Fall River Road
When do you listen to these tracks: Here are ten tracks I’m currently listening to while I train. I listen to lots of long tracks with continuous beat and rhythm, regardless of genre. It helps me keep pace during my workouts.