Although he’s a native to Colorado, this week’s 10 Tracks DJ is a relative newcomer to the Fort Collins cycling scene. Our guy Tyler Henderson is the Marketing Coordinator over at Niner Bikes and he comes to us by way of the Denver/Golden area and Spot Bikes. You may recognize Tyler as the host of Niner Bikes’ Inside the Nine YouTube series.  He’s also a friend of Jesse Swift, so take that for what it’s worth.

When do you listen to these? Wrenching and Driving for sure.

Favorite bike? 18lb AIR 9 RDO Single Speed.

Favorite ride? Kenosha Pass or Lenawee

Preferred style of riding? Card Carrying, spandex wearing, XC Nerd. With some trail, gravel, Trials, and DJ mixed in for good measure.

Years in NoCo?  Fort Collins for just over a year. 8 years in Denver/Golden

Employer/title/years there? Niner Bikes, Marketing Coordinator, 1.13 (+-)yrs

Hometown? Carbondale CO