Rider Name

Wil “2 Phones” Gavato


Currently NA, hence the black skinsuit


Cat 2/Open


Accounts Receivable



Years in the Fort



Fort Collins

Type of Racer/Strengths

Time Trials, breakaways, disrupting pacelines

We’re checking in with Wil “2 Phones” Gavato this week.  Wil is one of of those annoying riders that just kinda comes out of nowhere, with some other endurance sport background, and just crushes people that have been riding and racing for years. You know the type.  Every couple years we get some injuried runner, rower or swimmer coming around clanking heads. Luckily he’s a pretty agreeable guy so it makes it tolerable. During Worlds, he once put in a solo attack before the cement plant and held it all the to the cement plant, across the dirt, past the dairy over the dams and to the mailboxes. Jerk.

YGR: Word on the streets is that you have an interesting story on how you got started in cycling, something about dropping former pro, Burke Swindlehurst on a climb, on a fixie, in jorts.
: When I was first starting out, I would ride the canyons outside of Salt Lake City. Flat pedals, vans, I think a pair of cycling shorts by that time, and a discovery channel jersey was my outfit of choice. I had to push certain parts of climbs since I had no other option on a single speed. Ended up chatting for a bit with Burke, next thing I know I had cycling shoes show up in the mail. Awesome guy!

YGR: You left us for a little while, what was that all about?
: Last year, I was super burned out from racing and had a job come up at Backcountry.com in Park City. Ended up working for POC for a little but wasn’t a fit for me. I moved back in December wanting to be closer to family and to harass the 40+ers on group rides. (See, he’s a jerk)

YGR: Where are you working these days?
: SAFEbuilt in Loveland. Been an awesome fit and great place to work.

YGR: I’d say you have above average natural ability, have you considered getting a coach and going all in?
: That was the goal for 2017. Crashes, mechanicals, and illness ruled that out. 2018 has been a good reset for me but mentally I’m pretty far out from where I should be. So maybe a life coach and then going all in.

YGR: What’s this 2 phones nickname all about?
: This is thanks to Ian Lae, manager at Performance Bike Fort Collins and Mark Cavendish. I won a cat 3-4 race with a hill finish and had some time to celebrate. “2 Phones” by Kevin Gates was big at the time so finished with a 2 and a phone call. Ian started calling me that everyday so updated the Strava account to try and make it stick.

YGR: You come from a swimming background, what’s the skinny there?
: I grew up swimming and was super fortunate to go to Fossil Ridge. Mark Morehouse (coach of the year too many times to count) believed in me from day 1 that I could one day make the state team. Senior year I joined FAST and was able to walk on to swim my freshman year at the University of Utah.

YGR: Where ya from? How’d you end up in the Fort?
: Born in AZ, moved to PA for a few years, but moved here when I was 9. My dad grew up in Pueblo and went to CSU. Very happy he made that decision to move back out west!

YGR: Favorite road race?

: Salida. A tough course with great views.

YGR: Favorite road ride?
: Carter Lake was my first ride being clipped into a bike. A fond memory of cruising down there and thinking I was Contador climbing out of the saddle up the north side.

YGR: You’ve been doing some mountain bike as of late, how’s that going?
: I don’t have much to compare to but it’s going well. I’m liking the marathon events and think they really suit my rider type/strengths pretty well. Just need to improve the downhills and I can be a lot more competitive.

YGR: You’re still hitting Worlds and City Streets so you’re still getting some road time in, which do you prefer? Road or mtb?
: I really feel my workout quality is so much higher on a road bike. Group rides really push me to be a better rider. I don’t mind being a little diverse in skills either.

YGR: Favorite MTB ride?

: Southridge up, wathen, spring creek, herrington, carey springs, sawmill down. It’s a good challenge up and down without being over my head (looking at you mill creek)

YGR: Favorite mtb race?
: I have really only done 2 races so I don’t have a whole lot to go off. For now NBBST. A fun time and a good introduction to the sport.

YGR: Are you and your brother really aspiring chefs or do you just like to jack around at Kingsoopers and Walmart?
: We actually do cook quite a bit but the Instagram account is really just some of our funny ideas showcased along with documenting our trips to King’s and Wal-Mart.

YGR: Why do you have 4 Instagram accounts?
: A story behind all of them but really just two active accounts. @djvat0 and @gavatocooking

YGR: What’s the rest of the season looking like for you?
: I have the Steamboat Stinger coming up, then probably just suffer up climbs. Try to break 40 min up Rist Canyon and possibly a KOM on towers.

YGR: What’s the plan for next year?
: Increase FTP while maintaining weight, continue to grow my Instagram cooking page, and learn how to wheelie, manual, bunny hop etc etc. Not sure what racing might be in store.

YGR: Does cross or gravel racing interest you at all?
: Yeah I definitely have an interest in both, just need to get a bike really. I like the idea of both types of races and the atmosphere at both seem like something I want to be apart of. Maybe spring/summer I’ll be out there. I might even take a trip out to Utah for the Crushar.