Ardor Racing is a men’s race-oriented road, cyclocross, gravel and mountain bike team consisting of category 1, 2, and 3 racers.


Ardor Racing is a race-oriented team focusing on elevating riders to and supporting them at, the highest echelons of amateur sport in the road, mountain, and cyclocross fields, while maintaining a reputation of sportsmanship, community focus, and tenacity on and off the racecourse.



2024 Press Release

Ardor; noun: enthusiasm or passion

As we enter our fourth year, Ardor Racing has elevated itself to the next level of racing – we’re officially a USA Cycling Domestic Elite Team! While our primary focus remains local, this step up offers a great opportunity to showcase our talent on the national stage. We’re hoping to field riders at some of the larger events around the country, and hope to make an appearance at Pro Nationals in May. We see this jump not only as an accomplishment in its own right, but hope that it enables us to welcome additional riders and partners that will continue to elevate the team. To reflect on one of the initial tenets of the team from December 2020 – We are focused on moving up as a team – there is no leader, but a group of talented racers who will work together to rise to the next level. – it is evident that we have made good on our aspirations. As a team built with mid-category riders, we’ve confidently moved through the ranks and proven ourselves to be a team worth our salt. 

For 2024 our principal partners are Rocky Mountain Multisport and Primal Wear. The former of which has been supporting us since day one, and the latter of which entered in year two, offering some of the best graphic design in the industry. If we look good we ride fast, so it helps to have experts in looking good backing us up. This year we even have both a racing and training kit to keep things fun.

We are excited to welcome two new riders to the team – Chaz Hogenauer and Jonathan Cary. Each brings a depth of experience and results, and we look forward to supporting their ongoing ambitions.

All our other riders have continued with us for the year – the full roster is below. We look forward to elevating many of our category 2 and 3 riders to the Elite Team during the 2024 season.

USAC Domestic Elite Team Category 2/3 Road Team Gravel + Dirt Team
Michael Migler (1) Jonathan Cary (2) Josh Direen (2) Kevin Young
Sean Burke (1) Elliot Parcells (2) Sebastian Sturges (2) Nick Zambeck
Jeremy Norris (1) Dominic Repucci (2) Judd Nutting (2) Alex Johnson
Chaz Hogenauer (1) Stephen Bartels (2) Dakota Troudt (3) Ben Johnson
Jeremy Paul (2) Jonathan Royal (2)
Keaten Kappes (2)