YGR learned yesterday that the City of Fort Collins is officially under contract to buy the former Hughes Stadium property from Colorado State University. Fort Collins City Manager, Kelly DiMartino, notified city council and Mayor Arndt that she signed the contract on Thursday, March 2nd. “I’m pleased to share with you that yesterday afternoon I signed the purchase and sale agreement for the Hughes property, so the property is now under contract. We have 90 days for inspections, so unless our inspections and other due diligence turn up any
serious issues (which we don’t expect at this point), that means we expect the City to take ownership of the property somewhere between June 2nd and July 2nd.” The email said.

According to a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Fort Collins and Colorado State University signed in 2021, the agreed-upon price for the 161-acre property was 12.5 million dollars.

The 3.3 million dollar demolition of the stadium took place in 2018.

How the city will use Hughes once it owns the land remains to be determined. If you want to see the area turned into a community recreation area with a bike park, please email your city council person today.

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