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Bike Sports TV Garage: Tubeless Tire Install

Brace yourselves, Zack and Whit have launched Bike Sports Garage TV. In these videos, they'll demonstrate how to make real-world cycling repairs when you may or may not have perfectly honed skills or all the proper tools. In this first video, Whit takes on the tubeless tire install.

DesFit-Accurate Heart Rate from your Sportswatch

The first DesFit post on the new platform looks really swell. In this video Des gives us some tips on how to get the most accurate heartrate data out of our sportswatches and smartwatches. Everything from where on your wrist, which wrist, band tightness, band material and outdoor temp can affect accuracy.

DesFit- Turn your Garmin Edge into a Sportswatch

Des shows us how to turn your Garmin Edge bike computer into a sportswatch.

DesFit- Turn your Garmin Watch into a Bike Computer

Des shows us how to use your Garmin Fenix 7, Epix, Enduro, Tactix Delta, or even COROS VERTIX/VERTIX 2 as a bike computer.

DesFit Review: Tacx NEO Motion Plates

Des Yap from DesFit takes the new Tacx NEO Motion Plates for a spin and gives us his impressions.

DesFit Review: Wahoo KICKR ROLLR

Everything you need to know about Wahoo's new KICKR ROLLR smart, interactive bike trainer combining the comfort and ride feel of rollers with the interactivity of a smart bike trainer. Also check out Des' in-depth review of the new Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals!

DesFit Review: Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter

Everything you need to know about Wahoo's new POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals offering accurate, pedal-based power with the adjustability of the Speedplay pedal system. Also check out Des' in-depth review of the new Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Bike Trainer!

DesFit Review: Shokz Openrun Pro Headphones

If you’ve been on the hunt for headphones that sound good but are safer on the road and more considerate to other trail users than earbuds, these Shoz OpenRun Pro bone conduction headphones may be perfect for you.

DesFit: 2021 Sports Fitness Tech Gift Guide

Des gives us a rundown on his favorite holiday gift ideas with gear ranging from $25.00 to well over $1000.00.

DesFit: White Rim in a Day w/ Garmin Edge 830, Karoo 2 and Wahoo Element Bolt

Our pal Des Yap, aka DesFit takes us along on a grand adventure/bike computer test ride along the White Rim just outside Moab UT. During the ride, he tests the Garmin Edge 830, Karoo 2, and Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT. 

DesFit Review: Elite Rizer Climbing & Steering for Indoor Cycling

Does this heatwave have you thinking about your trainer setup? Apparently, trainers aren’t just for winter riding anymore. The Elite RIZER might be the upgrade you need to get sorta excited about riding your trainer. Check out Des Fit’s review of Elite’s gradient and steering simulator.