Men’s professional mountain bike team from Fort Collins, Colorado. 


Our goal on HART Cycling is to give committed young professional mountain bikers the opportunity to excel in their sport while giving them a platform to share about their passions for healthy living through simple habits in exercise, nutrition, and mental health.

Eventually, HART would like to support a diverse squad of professional and U23 racers on the ProXCT circuit and American MTB classics. We will also build up to presenting our simple habits of healthy living at middle schools along our travels, to junior cycling programs, and at our team tent at races and other events.





Press Release:

As with many things, Big Rona took a bite out of HART Cycling’s expectations for our inaugural season. While we hoped for a bigger squad, HART Cycling is sending it into 2022 with the founders Jeremy Norris and Samuel Elson to rally results, do valuable health advocacy work, and pick up sponsors and support as we can. Currently we have partners in our mental health resource, HeartSupport, nutrition/hydration from Skratch Labs, and wells of health and performance knowledge in Elson Endurance, Jeremy, and the awesome communities around us. We will be leaning on these partners as well as psychologist Hannah Norris(Jeremy’s wife) to advocate for simple habits of healthy living wherever our team is present.

Our partner in mental health, HeartSupport, believes in building a community and shaping a society who is not afraid to talk about and tackle any and every issue in life. Whether that is just a bad day or years of depression, trauma, suicide ideation, and substance abuse, we can build a world where people can talk and find help and thrive and live.

Hailing from northern Minnesota, Samuel has a history of butt kicking from a young age and is a MTB folktale in the midwest. He has found high level podiums including the Missoula ProXCT behind current short track World Champ, Christopher Blevins, Sea Otter short track 2nd, and the top step at Sea Otter XC 2021. He has also found the top 10 in races like U23 XC national championships, a number of the ProXCTs, and the Pikes Peak APEX. Alongside World Cup and Olympic aspirations, Samuel is finishing a degree in Microbiology at the University of Las Vegas (a degree started at CSU Fort Collins) and is head coach at Elson Endurance. When not on the bike and left to his own devices, Sam is to be found wherever there are pancakes or pasta, listening to old metal, or ripping desert roads on his motorcycle.

From Estes Park, Jeremy comes from a background of having a butt ton of fun on the bike, gradually making his way up to local pro podiums and the top 25 at ProXCT races and Pro National Championships. He is planning on continuing his steady progress to professional podiums on the national level and around the world. So far, he has found the podium at U23 short track nationals and at collegiate nationals for CU Boulder. Jeremy studied Exercise science and nutrition at Adams State University, Alamosa and CU Boulder before eventually moving to Fort Collins where he lives with his wife, Hannah. He is an ISSA Certified Nutritionist and coaches Ciclismo Racing alongside Andy Clark and the other awesome coaches and for Ignition Coach Co. alongside more awesome coaches. Besides the bike, Jeremy messes around on the fiddle, picks up too many unrelated hobbies, is a published poet, and is perfecting his own stout recipe(like a good FoCo resident).

Sam and Jeremy have their eyes set on the 2022 American UCI XCO calendar with the goal of World Cup qualification and absolute bangers like the Cactus Cup, Sea Otter, the Pikes Peak APEX, and of course, USA MTB National Championships. Follow along on our media outlets to watch our season’s adventures unfold starting in Puerto Rico on Feb18-20!


HeartSupport*, Elson Endurance*, Skratch Labs* (*Partners… sponsors fell through…)



Jeremy Norris, Samuel Elson