The Overland Mountain Bike Association is gathering testimonials from cyclists who have been harassed while riding CR 38E (Harmony Road) between Fort Collins and Horsetooth Reservoir with hopes of convincing Larimer County to construct a trail between town and the reservoir. Read their full request below.

Via Overland Mountain Bike Association

Local Fort Collins cyclists…we could use your help!
Some of you may be aware that OMBA proposed a new singletrack trail around the south end of Horsetooth Reservoir in 2016. The goal of this proposal was to create a fun, safe alternative to access the Horsetooth & Blue Sky trail system from town without having to ride, walk or run along the narrow shoulders of CR 38E…and to provide a great new trail experience!
Unfortunately, the county chose not to move ahead with this proposed route in 2017. As we continue to see our roads, trailheads & trails getting more crowded year after year, we are continuing our efforts to hopefully make this highly needed trail connection happen.
Our request to you…we want to hear from you regarding your experiences riding CR 38E on a mountain bike to/from this trail system (or when hiking/running). Have you been hit? Had a close call or near-miss? Been yelled at or received other hand gestures? We want to hear what that experience is like for you so we can pass that along to county officials. If you choose not to ride this area because of safety concerns, then we’d like to hear from you as well. Please send no more than a one-page email to at your earliest convenience, and no later than March 20th.
Thank you!