The 2021/2022 school year marks a decade of riding to school and taking at least one photo per day every day, for Tom Sweeney. Tom teaches 5th grade at Bennett Elementary here in Fort Collins.  I think this is the eighth year I’ve run his slideshow on the site and I always enjoy reliving the changing seasons through his lens. If you enjoy his work, be sure to check out his book, Lisbon To Shanghai in Four Summers where he documents his bike ride around the world over the course of four summers.

Wondering what Tom shots with? “I used the Olympus EPL models (EPL10 is the current version) for years – they’re small, have full manual controls, and are relatively inexpensive. Considering that I drop my cameras a lot, price is important. Having said that, I’m now using a Sony A6100, and recently sprang for a Canon M6 with the 18-150 lens to get better close-ups. I revert to the older cameras in the rain or when the temps dip below twenty.”

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