It’s been about a year and a half since YGR caught up with local pro Whitney Schultz of Colavita-Bianchi p/b Fine Cooking, we managed to take a few minutes out of her busy race schedule to learn what’s new in her life on and off the bike.

*Disclaimer readers, I did my best to not ask biased questions relating to Whitney’s cooking skills because they are insane. I realized I wasn’t worthy of her food when I went to a dinner party she and Zack hosted last summer.

Rider Name Whitney Schultz
Colavita-Bianchi p/b Fine-Cooking
Pro Cyclist, Coffee Slinger for Peritus Coffee, Marketing Strategist for Studio Hyperset
Years in the Fort
Sacramento, CA
Type of Racer/Strengths
Power Rider- break aways, time trials, crit worker

YGR: Let’s start with the busy schedule you’ve had this year. So far you’ve raced Sunny King in Alabama, Crit and TTT nationals in South Carolina, Joe Martin in Arkansas, Road and ITT nationals in Chattanooga, and back east again for Winstom-Salem. You’ve raced almost all of these in previous seasons, did you go into any of these with a different approach this year?
: I’ve had some major changes from last year– about half my team is new and with new leadership, I also quit my 8-5pm office job in addition to racing for more flexible work. It’s really made such a huge change for me mentally but also physically for the better. Cycling is such a hard sport mentally with super high highs and low lows…I’ve really enjoyed those highs and being a major threat and contributor to the race dynamics of some races thanks to a lot of those changes.

YGR: Of all those races listed, which one was your favorite and why?
:I’ve really enjoyed both Joe Martin and the Nationals road race…I had permission to put myself out there with the instructions of “be opportunistic and be committed” which is exactly what I did in some solid and timely moves. My team focuses a lot on crits where I am a worker and love my role but it was so fun to really see what I could do to contribute to the team in a breakaway…while breakaways often don’t work out…sometimes they do…I’m still holding out for my time.

YGR: What big races do you have coming up this summer and which one are you most excited for?
: I’m really pumped about Tulsa Tough here in a couple of weeks. I missed out on it last year but it’s such a fun environment and really great races…the equal prize money and travel stipends for the women is another great reason to support the event. We still have a solid handful of additional NCC races which is our team focus and then we’ll be attending the remaining tours- Utah and Colorado…it’s going to be really fun to race in Colorado!

YGR: How did road nationals pan out for you? You made the early move, right?
:Road nationals were great. I was supposed to look for an early move to take pressure off the rest of my team…I saw an opportunity and took it with great confidence it would stay away for a long time. It was annoying to not have Exergy be willing to work but their tactics didn’t work out for them in the end so I guess that’s punishment enough. When we were brought back after lookout, the crosswinds were very heavy and Exergy’s remaining riders were driving the pace to prevent those dropped on the climb or descent of Lookout…I was not able to hang on after a few miles of being totally guttered…fought my way back on for the second time up Lookout and then imploded….I eventually got pulled with a group…a bummer in some sense but I operated within my role and had a really incredible ride and I should have been that blown!

YGR: How was the coverage of the women’s race at road nationals? Through a bit of facebook stalking it looked like you had friends all over the place watching!
:The coverage was amazing! It aired on YouTube. Fantastic coverage of both races. I wish more races were covered like that. Accessibility is essential for growth…reading Twitter feeds for race updates just isn’t the same thing.

YGR: You’re now in your third season with Colavita, how has it been to grow as a pro with the same team and supporters?
I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of such a legendary and long-lasting program. Our team owner has always made sure that the riders are happy and healthy. Each year the team has changed in different ways and I have to say that this is the best year yet…we have incredible leadership, organization, sponsorship and a really great crew of riders. We are a close knit group with an obnoxious number of inside jokes.

YGR: What’s been your favorite piece of bike related equipment you’ve had this year in comparison to previous years?
: I’ve always wanted to ride a Bianchi since I started racing…I finally got my wish! Plus our all celeste race bikes are head turners. It works perfectly with our very Italian theme 😉

YGR: What about your favorite non bike support? Have the Colavita shipments and subscriptions continued with every season?
: We do get the occasional random 30 lb box of Colavita products…olive oils, vinegars, pastas, rice, polenta, sauces, chocolates, spices. With Colavita being a food company, they love getting recipes from us using Colavita products. Anyone who knows me knows I love cooking so I find this a really fun challenge.

YGR: Last year you were involved with starting Peritus Coffee Roasters, how has that been going in it’s short time of being open for business?
: Peritus Coffee is going quite well. My dad had been home roasting coffee for eight years before we started talking last year about how fun it’d be to share that with others. It’s been quite a process to get it rolling but I love it. Coffee is really fascinating with how much care goes into the growing process and roasting process and how different varieties can taste so different- it’s not just a commodity.
You can order online at and get free delivery to your house in Fort Collins or pick up from the Native Hill market at Beavers on Wednesdays or Revive Garden’s farm stand. Additional places to come.

YGR: How have you balanced your involvement with Peritus and racing?
: Well, my dad actually quit his corporate job a few weeks ago to focus on coffee which I think is so admirable and is also giving us the time the business needs to support growth. With the racing season being very forward-heavy this year, I’m looking forward to upping my day-to-day work with Peritus when I return after Tulsa Tough. Focusing on the marketing side of things means I can still do a lot on the road.

YGR: It seems like Peritus has been very involved in the FoCo cycling community since day one of roasting, what’s been your favorite area of involvement?
: Most cyclists drink coffee but my favorite part has been people buying coffee from the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies over the winter and then being excited to try new varieties each week and sharing their favorites varieties with their friends.

YGR: What’s your favorite flavor of Peritus and what’s your preferred method of preparing it?
: I enjoy switching things up but our Sulawesi is a great bean! On the road I love the aeropress because it’s easy and makes a clean cup of coffee. At home I usually make a pour-over because I find it therapeutic.

YGR: So as soon as your crazy racing schedule ends, you kind of have another big event coming up in your life this fall. How goes the wedding planning while balancing the race and work schedule?
Wedding planning is going great! We’ve been talking about getting married in fall of 2015 for a couple of years so we knew we had to pound out the decisions, which has been easy after finding a venue and a date! Zack and I make a couple wedding related decisions whenever we’re in the same place.

YGR: Will the bikes be going with you on the honeymoon?
Nope! A bike free vacation. Lots of urban hiking.

YGR: Back to bike racing, what’s your end goal with the sport?
: My end goal with cycling is TBD. I’m enjoying where I am right now.

YGR: When you are done racing, would you ever consider going into the director, manager, or coaching side of the sport?
: I value all those roles…I would enjoy a director/manager role but not sure if it’s what I’m supposed to do with my life.

YGR: Any big post cycling goals?
:I’m looking forward to learning how to roast coffee and see what Peritus Coffee can turn into.

YGR: Any final words of wisdom for our Fort Collins cycling community?
:Do what you love and love what you do.