The Active Modes Advisory Board reviews active modes plans for capital improvements, provides recommendations regarding active modes policies, and prioritizes active modes plan recommendations. Active modes of transportation include walking, biking, micro-mobility (such as scooters and skateboards), and wheelchair use. Active modes may also include human-powered and small electric devices.



  • Advise the City Council and City staff on all matters pertaining to active modes
    of transportation.
  • Advise and make recommendations to City staff and the City Council concerning
    the expenditure of City funds for active modes of transportation.
  • To aid and guide the development of City-wide active modes plans, programs,
    policies, and infrastructure.
  • To periodically coordinate its work with the Transportation Board, to support the
    City’s efforts to create a balanced transportation network. This coordination is intended to
    provide an integrated review of transportation issues.
  • To promote public use of active modes and public education on City-wide active
    modes issues.
  • To be aware of, and coordinate with, the various other City boards, commissions
    and authorities, City departments, and other organizations and entities whose actions may
    affect active modes of transportation in the community.

Recommended Qualifications

Having an interest in enhancing the access and opportunities for all individuals who use active modes in the City.

Time Commitment

3-6 hours per month