Former Fort Collins resident, Amanda Miller had a fantastic start to the Women’s USAPC in Breckenridge today. She stormed the  8.4 mile course in 21:48 and nabbed 3rd place for her Visit Dallas-Noise4Good team.  YGR’s Grant VanHoose was able to have a few words with her just after the race.

Grant: We are here with Amanda Miller who just took third in stage 1 of the women’s pro cycling challenge. How do you feel after that?
Amanda: Oh, pretty excited, definitely!

Grant: How are you going to take today’s success and carry it on to tomorrow’s Fort Collins stage?
Amanda: Well since it’s kinda my hometown (Editor: The Fort loves you Amanda. Good luck tomorrow!) I’m just looking forward to carrying on that momentum.

Grant: What are you most looking forward to about tomorrow?
Amanda: The crowds, going down Rist Canyon with the roads closed and just the brutal course and challenge.

Grant: Are you worried about how the descent will be down Rist for the peloton or do you think it could be split up by then?
Amanda: I think it’ll be pretty split up, definitely.

Grant: Ok, back to today. What all went on out there on the course, take us through it. And do you go more off of feel or more off of power, how do you really like to time trial?
Amanda: Honestly, I usually use power but today I didn’t have power, I just had heart rate. So I was just going by feel, I knew I couldn’t blow myself up to much before the climb. On the way out I actually hit a block headwind and I felt like I was just going to stop right there in the middle of the road. I just had to push through it and when I turned around I had a tailwind and on the false flat. I felt really good on the climb, the crowds up there really helped too. Then I just bombed the descent.

Grant: So how does it feel to finally have a women’s edition of the Pro Challenge?
Amanda: Oh it’s awesome and I’m really stoked that it’s more than just a crit like it was a couple years ago. It’s huge so I hope they continue to do it.

Grant: And how is the whole team doing so far, how is everyone prepared for this event?
Amanda: Ya, a lot of the girls have been here for a couple of days and have seen the Fort Collins stage, they are all in good spirits and looking forward to racing tomorrow and Sunday.

Grant: Thank you so much and good luck the next couple days!
Amanda: Thank you!