Men’s and woman’s amateur cycling team consisting of riders of all ages and abilities racing in road, mtb, gravel and cyclocross races.


Positively represent cycling across the Northern Colorado community thru advocacy, participation, and inclusion.





2021 Press Release: 

Participation and advocacy/ambassadors for our sponsors within the community. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to events all across the calendar from crits to gravel, and even being lead riders for local runs. We’re here to have a good time and maybe eat some brisket after a long ride, no other major pressure here.

Alan Schenkel
Greg Kuchta
Ayla Kuchta
Sterling Wilson
Brian Combs
Dean Klingner
Dean Street
Enrique Lopez
Eric Liprandi
Jason Kraemer
Lee Rhodes
Marie Walsh
Matt Boley
Nathan Petter
Richard Cavendish
Rudy Schuster
Tyson Kaman
WolfGang Bangerth

Jax Outdoor Gear – Our Bike Shop!
Bindle Coffee – the Old Elk latte is awesome
Canyon Bakehouse – Gluten Free Bread available at King Soopers, Whole Foods, Target, and most other grocery stores in the area
Jessup Farm Barrelhouse – We recommend the Wood Knot, Feats of Strength, or Transfer Day IPA
Bucking Horse Community –
Protrace Solutions – Food production ERP based here in Fort Collins
Rhodes Consulting – our CPA asking us the hard questions
Specialized Bikes –
Jamis Bikes –