Gould calls it a season

After having one of her best, if not the best, seasons ever.  Georgia Gould has struggled to find fitness and consistency in 2013. She went from 3rd in both the Olympics and the World Championships to barely being in the top 30 at Worlds a year later.  YGR caught up with her to see what the issue was and what the plan is.

YGR-So, have you pinpointed why 2013 was so rough?  I’ve heard you mention fatigue, purchasing and remodeling the new house, getting crazier… So what was it?

GG-all of the above. I think I didn’t take enough time after cx worlds and before Mtb season. That fatigue continued as i tried to “catch up” traveling and jet lag didn’t help, and poor results ate away at my confidence. My training was good- numbers were fine which contributed to my frustrations- I was fit, so why was I sucking in races? When i did have a solid block of training at home, I crashed and broke some ribs. I was poised for my first good result at nationals, and I flatted. So, long story short, there were a lot of factors. Eventually I realized it wasn’t something I could overcome this season.

YGR-Is the 2013 mtb season done?

GG-In 3 days.

YGR-What’s the plan for cross this year?

GG-I think I’ll do cx Vegas since I have to be there anyway, but that’s it.

YGR-Ok, so if you’re not racing cross, what are you going to do with yourself?  You’ve never taken more than a like 6 weeks off between the cross and mtb seasons. Right now you’re looking at 6 months.

GG-Um, not really… After Vegas I am home for a week, then I am gone for a week to do a clinic and a charity ride, then home for a week, then gone to CA for a clif bar event, then home for 3-4 weeks, then to Europe for the UCI athlete commission… The Mtb season starts up again in March, so by the time I get a big chunk of time at home, I have about 8 weeks to the start of the racing and traveling season. That’s not much time.

YGR-What are you going to do differently?

GG-Rest more after this Mtb season.

YGR-I’m guessing, that like this year, the elusive World Cup will be the goal?


YGR-Should the women’s field be scared?


YGR-Ever considered doing ultra stuff? 100 milers, 24 solos etc…

GG-I’ve done some (2x Moab solo) 1x cascade cream puff. I like it, but hard to fit it into traveling and training for world cups. Maybe more when I retire. I like mtb stage races.