YGR’s Grant VanHoose had a chance to chat with Optum Pro Cycling’s Phil Gaimon after today’s USAPC individual TT in Breckenridge CO.

Grant: How was the course for you today?
Phil: It was a nice course actually, the wind died down, the hill was cool, the down hill was fun. I didn’t really ride it hard. I was just trying to make the time cut.

Grant: Trying to conserve for the queen stage tomorrow?
Phil: Ya, it’s like if I really go all out and kill it maybe top 15 and who cares so I might as well save it for a day that I can help the team get a top 5.

Grant: So how has this week been coming in with probably pretty big aspirations and the first couple days not going as planned?
Phil: Ya it’s bike racing, I was kinda stuck behind a crash right before everything went crazy the first stage and I crashed myself into a little pile up. So like immediately out the door GC was over with, but you know it’s not my first bike race. Just have to come with the legs you have and pick your battles.

Grant: So in general, this is your third year at the pro challenge with your third team now, how’s it been coming into this race with three different teams and the approach from an individual and team standpoint every year?
Phil: I mean, ya it’s real different. This year and the first time (with Bissell) just kinda like, let’s see what we can do and last year (with Garmin Sharp) we were here to win. So it’s different like, having a job of like trying to race for GC versus trying to help someone else and the job I had last year ended up being easier because there wasn’t any pressure. This week has been a bummer how it has worked out but it is what it is.

Grant: So what are you most looking forward to about tomorrow, have you gotten to study the course a bit?
Phil: No, one day at a time. I know Sunday’s stage pretty well, tomorrow we have a few sprinters and I’m just looking forward to keeping them in position and look for a breakaway, something like that.