10 Tracks

Lets tune in weekly to hear what our fellow NoCo cyclists listen to when they riding, wrenching, driving and recovering. We have nearly 100 playlists and 1000 songs already streaming on YGR Radio.

10 Tracks for Malcolm Hall

This week's 10 Tracks is a very special one. It was submitted by Dwight Hall in remembrance of his youngest son, Malcolm. Malcolm passed away one year ago today leaving behind so many that love him. For the Halls, this is not a day they want to celebrate but it is a day they can’t ignore. Please join me in sending Dwight, Malcolm's mom Erin and his older brother Sinclair love and strength.

10 Tracks with Pat McCarty

We've got DJ Patty Mac come, come, comin' at this morning. Pat is the men's team director at Human Powered Health (formerly Rally Pro Cycling). Human Powered Health is a UCI-ProTeam cycling team, based in the United States but racing internationally. AKA, kind of a big deal

10 Tracks with Tayne Andrade

Alright, we're back to posting fresh content after Spring Break so it seems fitting to have a college kid get us back into the groove of things. Our DJ this week is Tayne Andrade. Tayne is a core member of the CSU Cycling Team and Team Rio Grande Racing.

10 Tracks with Jeremy Norris

Jeremy Norris is one of the few dirt monkeys willing and able to take on the roadies at Wednesday Night Worlds and he's our 10 Tracks DJ for this week. Jeremy came to us from Estes Park, via the Boulder Bubble, and has been in the Fort for the past two and a half years.

10 Tracks with Shifty

You might not know it but you love this man. This is Michael Schifferdecker, aka Shifty, aka the man that makes the SendTown bike races happen at New Belgium 12 times per year.

10 Tracks with James Bethea

As promised yesterday, here is James Bethea's 10 Tracks playlist. James is now a Pink Jeeps tour guide in Cottonwood AZ and races for Niner Bikes. If you'd like to learn more about what James is up to these days, check out his Whatever Happened to...? interview.

10 Tracks with Steve Douglas

You know, know of, or have at least seen Steve Douglas out bombing around. He's a regular on the local trails and the TFr group ride. He also posts unapologetic critiques of TFR rides on his YouTube Channel which I, for one, find pretty entertaining but I'm also not one of the ones being critiqued. Steve rides for Old School Industries and works as a Software Engineer at HP.

10 Tracks with Tyler Henderson

Although he's a native to Colorado, this week's 10 Tracks DJ is a relative newcomer to the Fort Collins cycling scene. Our guy Tyler Henderson is the Marketing Coordinator over at Niner Bikes and he comes to us by way of the Denver/Golden area and Spot Bikes. You may recognize Tyler as the host of Niner Bikes' Inside the Nine YouTube series. 

10 Tracks with Craig Workman

When I first started doing the Oval back in 2000 one of my favorite wheels to follow was Craig Workman as he provided a big steady draft and climbed surprisingly well considering his considerable mass.  I knew if I stuck with Craig I would have a good ride, relatively speaking of course. A few of the other wheels I kept an eye on were Paul Whyman, Jim Dickerson and Greg Scanlan although I'm sure the feeling was not mutual for various reasons.


I proclaim today as Jonathan Day day here in the YGR Radio studio. It’ll probably come as a bit of a surprise to this week’s 10 Tracks DJ (or maybe he has always suspected it), he’s one of my favorite Fort Collins cyclists and after checking out his playlist, I like him even better.


Today we're broadcasting from 111 W Olive St, Old Town Fort Collins, the home of Brave New Wheel. We've got co-owner, Johnny Daggett as our DJ. Johnny is from Nevada City, Nevada and has been in the Fort for 8 years. He and Mike Woodard purchased BNW 5 years ago and moved the shop to the current location in the Spring of 2019. 


his week's DJ, who kinda seems like he should be an actual DJ, is none other than Nate Adams, Greeley's most famous son (see YouTube video below). As a former pro downhiller, Nate is one of the best bike drivers in the Fort and AAAAAAND he's the guy that designs the graphics at Niner bikes. The graphic designer if you will.